Refresh gray wooden terrace

It's the same with wood as with people: gray comes with age. Decking boards, garden furniture and Wooden tiles outdoors lose their natural wood color due to sun and rain. Unoiled teak turns silver, Bangkirai turns asphalt gray – not much is left of golden brown or wine red. From a technical point of view, this is initially unproblematic and one could simply leave the wood as it is.

However, moss, algae and fungi can also infest the wood, cause unsightly spots and stains - and in the worst case even affect the durability of the terrace. In this case, comprehensive wood care not only has a cosmetic effect, but also extends the life of decking boards and wooden furniture.

Spring cleaning for the wooden terrace

Spring is the best time to freshen up old, graying wooden terraces. When the wooden terrace has dried completely for the first time and there is no rain in sight for the next 24 hours, the wood care can begin.

BioMaderas has a complete Wood care for decking wood and wood for outdoor use, which can be used to clean, degrease and protect old wood:

This is how old, gray wooden terraces are refreshed:

  1. Clean the terrace with BioMaderas patio cleaner: The oxalic acid terrace cleaner removes dirt and stains from the wood. The powder is stirred into lukewarm water in a ratio of 1 to 15 and then applied to the terrace with a watering can or similar. After 15 minutes exposure, the decking boards are scrubbed as well. The cleaner loosens the dirt, which then only has to be rinsed off with plenty of water. Incidentally, the dissolved patio cleaner is harmless to plants.
  2. protect terraces with BioMaderas Wood protection impregnation: After the terrace has dried again after cleaning, the wood protection impregnation is applied with a brush. This prevents black dots, moss, algae and mold from infesting the terrace again. The drying time for the impregnation is a maximum of one day.
  3. Refresh wood colour with BioMaderas decking oil: The deck is now clean and protected, but has still not regained its wood colour. A decking oil is used for this. We recommend a colorless decking oil, as pigmented products can cause stains with multiple coats. The oil is applied to the dry and cleaned wooden terrace with a lint-free cotton cloth. It should be ensured that the oil is rubbed in well in a thin layer and that no oil puddles form. A second coat a good 30 minutes after the first application increases the effect again and protects the wood color from graying for even longer.

Protect new wooden terraces

Of course, freshly laid wooden terraces can also be protected and cared for. The terrace cleaner is not necessary for the freshly laid terrace boards. However, with hardwoods, the cut edges should also be included BioMaderas front edge wax be sealed. This prevents splinters from forming on the end grain of the cut edge and prevents moisture from penetrating.

The can also preventive against algae and moss BioMaderas Wood protection impregnation can be applied. And if you want to protect the color of your wooden decking from graying for longer, you should treat the decking boards with the colorless decking oil after laying.

Maintaining a wooden terrace is time-consuming - and graying will never be stopped completely. But the terrace will thank you: with longer life and beauty in old age.

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