Cumaru Decking Import

Where are the Cumaru decking?

The container ship CMA CGM PLATON is currently on its way to Rotterdam at 18,2 knots per hour. Off the coast of Brazil, it now sets course for the African coast and crosses the Atlantic. On board: A container with a cargo Cumaru Decking in 120 mm and 90 mm width, as well Mandioqueira substructure from FSC forestry in Brazil. The decking boards are highly anticipated. The surprisingly high demand has already significantly reduced our annual stocks of Cumaru decking in April. Numerous lengths are no longer available. The Cumaru decking boards with a width of 90mm are even completely sold out. That's why we ordered more: four containers with a total of around 3.000 square meters of decking wood from Cumaru. The first container is already on the high seas. On this map you can see the last position of the ship. In the search function, enter CMA CGM PLATON and select the container ship. Then on the side the ship's last reported location is displayed. The ship is currently on the open sea between South America and Africa, so the last location report was two days ago. But don't worry, the trip to Rotterdam still takes about ten days. On April 9, the ship left the port of Belem in Brazil. In the destination port of Rotterdam – the largest deep-sea port in Europe – customs checks the containers on arrival on April 23 using a lottery system. If a container is selected for customs inspection, the transport will be delayed by two to three days. The goods are then brought from Rotterdam to our warehouse in Nümbrecht near Cologne. This will happen no later than April 30th. There the Cumaru decking boards are then sorted again according to our quality standards and packed for shipment to our customers. We offset the CO2 emissions of the entire transport route with reforestation in Bolivia through our partner Co2ol. Even the last piece to your front door will be transported in a climate-neutral manner.
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