Living with wood - teak panels in the interior

Living and building with wood is back in fashion: table tops, kitchen worktops, desks, vanities in the bathroom - even individual walls or even an entire house made of wood are becoming increasingly popular. Why is that?

At home in the forest

Niko Wachter, master carpenter from Neukirch, has a simple answer: "We go out into nature to relax. And we can celebrate these positive qualities of nature in the apartment or house in the same way.” By using wood for the furnishings and bringing the forest home. We don't have to make refrigerators out of apartments, he is convinced - after all, people want to live in them.

A cozy feeling of living, away from the fast-paced everyday life. This is offered by the renewable raw material wood, in the grain of which one can visually understand the history of the tree that has grown over the years. Wood thus conveys stability and can therefore have a calming effect. For many, this is a welcome contrast in times when everything seems to change from one day to the next.

Care for wooden furniture

Oiling and waxing is an excellent way of protecting wood against dirt and moisture. This way you don't get any poisons in the kitchen or in the bathroom. teak wood is particularly suitable here: it falls into the highest resistance class 1 according to DIN against weather influences such as moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Care for you should still use solid teak panels regularly. This also emphasizes the color of the wood, which oscillates between honey yellow and golden brown. After each oiling or waxing, the grain appears fresh again.

Solid teak wood panels are included Betterwood in 18mm, 34mm and 40mm thickness. Depending on the desired use, as a work surface in the kitchen, as a dining table, washbasin in the bathroom or as a desk, the right size can be selected. Inspiration for wood in the kitchen and bathroom can be found on the Pinterest page of Betterwood.

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