Cumaru decking boards 120mm
FSC 100%

from 8,75 

Cumaru decking, FSC 100%
Price from: €70 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages: ✓ best durability ✓ particularly robust and scratch-resistant

Disadvantages: ✗ partly rough surface ✗ high power development

Tip: Sand the floorboards after they have been exposed to the weather for the first time.

Estimated delivery date: July 19st

Cumaru decking boards in 120mm width BioMaderas

These smooth decking boards in 120mm width are made from solid Cumaru wood of the first resistance class. The Cumaru decking boards are hand sorted and FSC® 100%-certified.

Online patio planner wood pattern
Width 120 mm
Size 21 mm
Length 91 cm to 487 cm
Species Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata)
Origin Peru, FSC® 100% certified
Quality Premium quality from BioMaderas
Min and sorted by hand sorting criteria
Surface planed smooth on all sides
minimum lengths Planks can be a few centimeters longer
durability Class 1
Drying technically dried (KD)
Online patio planner laying plan and get offer
wood pattern free order
installation instructions terrace guide as PDF
Recommended substructure Wood (no aluminum)
Recommended accessories only tested material
Volume discounts 1% Discount per €1.000 purchase value - up to max. 15%
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Cumaru decking boards in 120mm width

Cumaru is the heavyweight among the tropical woods. With its 1.200 kilograms per cubic meter, it is one of the most durable woods outdoors and achieves the highest resistance class according to the DIN standard. Its strong red-brown pattern gives the wood an unmistakable and exclusive look. The Cumaru decking boards from BioMaderas come from sustainable forestry Peru. The wood is sorted several times and is of the highest quality. You can find more information about installation and the wood properties in the installation instructions.

Cumaru decking boards 120mm, oiled, Leobendorf


✓ Best outdoor durability
✓ Resistance class 1 according to DIN standard
✓ Strong brown-red colour
✓ one of the hardest woods worldwide
✓ resistant to scratches
FSC® 100%-certified, from sustainable forestry
✓ transparent Origin
✓ direct sales
✓ climate-neutral shipping
✓ Free planning with a complete offer

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Wooden decking advice

We would be happy to help you plan your Cumaru terrace using 120mm wide decking boards. You will receive the answers to your questions in personal discussions with our terrace construction experts or in our online forum for wooden terraces. You can also use our free terrace planner and terrace calculator to get a material calculation for your wooden terrace.

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Cumaru Decking 120mm FSC

The origin

Our Cumaru decking comes from sustainable forestry in Peru. In forests and production the high ones have to be used FSC® 100%-Standards are met. Visit the forest in Peru.


Customer Gallery Cumaru

The most beautiful Cumaru terraces are built by our customers. Visit our customer gallery and read testimonials from our Cumaru customers.

customer gallery
Cumaru decking boards 120mm, Brandenburg

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Durability according to DIN 68800-1

Durability according to DIN EN 350-2

Iron-tannin reactions

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Compressive strength

Recommended substructure

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29 Reviews for Cumaru decking boards 120mm
FSC 100%

  1. Klaus Baumel -

    From the first meeting to advice, patio plan, cost estimate, delivery, quality, etc., I can only say that I really made a stroke of luck here. Thank you for the cooperation across borders. Greetings from Carinthia.

  2. Ramona Hoffmann -

    We have rarely seen such great floorboards. Super processed. class material. Worth every penny. I can only recommend genuine.

  3. Andrew Hartl -

    good quality

  4. grumpy 65 -

    Absolutely straight and true to size.

  5. Christian Kastlan (via Amazon) -

    Despite the fact that it is so hard, it can be processed very well.

  6. hjagus (via Google) -

    After our move, we already have the 2nd terrace with the wood and the planning of Betterwood build. the wood is simply of the very best quality, the service and advice, the planning, right through to delivery just couldn't be better, no matter how often I've called, no matter how often I wanted to ask, needed tips - always and always available immediately, that's what we said Philip to the side...even when the delivery couldn't actually come on time, because our carpenter only had this one week time, the impossible was made possible, the wood was "hand-made" on the way, so that everything went according to plan for us .
    I can also warmly recommend the oil, have already tried different ones, for our Cumaru terraces this is it BioMaderas Decking oil in light, the very best, great color that refreshes the cumaru and water rolls off without being slippery!

    For me the most important point, "The good wood" is really, the good wood, sustainable & fair:
    Wood from more responsible
    forestry. And you can follow that very well on the site, ask questions and even have Galileo Betterwood accompanied on a trip, so that you can also convince yourself with this show (if you still have any doubts at all).
    Many, many thanks to the patient “planning hero” Philip and the whole team!

  7. Mummy 2201 (via Amazon) -

    Really great, perfectly straight and true to size

  8. ronny130 (via Amazon) -

    You don't have to and can't say much about it, just top quality.
    You can already see that the boards will last forever.

  9. Rumpelmann (via Amazon) -

    Goods as described, unfortunately the shipping service provider UPS is a bit slow, but the goods are great.

  10. Reiner (via Amazon) -

    Outstanding quality and workmanship. Top wood. Gladly again.

  11. A. Mierzwiak (via Amazon) -

    Has a strong smell
    Very nice solid wood

  12. Dieter Berkhahn (via Amazon) -

    I used it to repair the floor of my balcony and am very satisfied. Timely delivery and excellent packaging.

  13. Andreas K (via Google) -

    Betterwood is a reliable, professional, friendly company.
    When building my terrace, I received great and helpful support from Mr. Jürgens. It was always a friendly and professional conversation. The delivery came exactly to the minute and the material calculated by Mr. Jürgens was right down to the last screw. I would like to say a big thank you again for the effort and support, especially Mr. Jürgens.
    I can Betterwood highly recommend.

  14. Holger Temmen (via Google) -

    Very friendly and competent advice! Timely delivery, just as promised. Super decking boards (Cumaru) and substructure. The floorboards were very straight and exactly 120 mm wide. The substructure and floorboards were always a bit longer (UK, for example, 5 cm) than indicated.
    All in all I am completely satisfied. Highly recommended !!

  15. Bärbel Schoenrade (via Google) -

    In short, we are delighted. Very clear recommendation. Very friendly advice and unproblematic purchase process.
    Our terrace was planned with the help of the terrace planner and we received a comprehensive offer very quickly. An extremely good calculation down to the last screw. Very nice decking boards (Cumaru)

  16. Manuela Zinc (via Google) -

    Very nice wood delivered. Cumaro for 40 sqm. Only to recommend

  17. Stefanie F. (via Google) -

    Very clear recommendation. Great wood quality, friendly advice, great knowledge, practical tips, unproblematic purchase. What more do you want!? Would like to share another photo, but somehow it doesn't work.
    Thank you very much

  18. Silke Kowalski (via Amazon) -

    The length was probably appreciated and the packaging was completely inappropriate for the weight. It was enough for my project, but that is certainly not always the case with every customer. The wood is very nice, each slat is different but looks great if you like that. When sanding, the wood can split badly along the grain. I wouldn't do that to my floor.

  19. Bernhard Tischler (via Google) -

    Fast delivery, great wood

  20. Marcus Bonin (via Google) -

    Very good advice; individual appointment coordination and on time, goods (terrace wood) really good and everything as expected. Gladly again!

  21. Schlueschen-Godhusen (via Amazon) -

    Fast delivery, great product

  22. Horst Hesselbarth (via Google) -

    Thanks to the really easy terrace planner, the very friendly advice and the good feeling of not having harmed the environment, an absolute A+ with asterisks. Since I bought Cumaru and the terrace will be fun for 1 years, the price is more than justified. Also for amateur builders, how strongly recommended….

  23. Daniel and Nicole (via Google) -

    First the positives: the goods were available very quickly and the planking was almost perfect: we didn't have to sort out a single board. Unfortunately, that didn't apply to the UK, where two beams were so bent that we had to dismantle again. (We could have noticed beforehand) What really annoyed me personally, however, was the delivery itself: 220 euros is no small matter, especially considering that you have to unload yourself. But I would have gladly paid for it if the delivery had been as sustainable as the wood... But the opposite was the case: the driver, who only spoke Russian/Polish (a very nice guy by the way) came from POLAND at approx 40 km away from us to load the goods and bring them to us (and then drive back to Poland) There was nothing on the truck except our goods. This is by no means ecological and therefore the price for the delivery was exorbitant in my opinion. I'd be happy to pay a higher price, but not when such ecological madness is being pursued. Nevertheless: the wood Cumaru) is great.

  24. Jörg Gayer (via Amazon) -

    Very good value for money

  25. Herbert Gülker (via Amazon) -

    Beautiful wood, who appreciates it. Best quality !!!

  26. Michael Seidl (via Google) -

    I was excited. Only ordered a small amount of wood. The quality is good.
    The delivery was very quick!
    Unfortunately, DPD delivered the two packages separately, one day apart.
    I would definitely order some wood there again.

  27. Brigitte Fuchs (via Google) -

    I highly recommend this blade and this company. Mr. Jaeger was a very good advisor to us and patiently answered all of our questions. All agreements were kept. We are not very good craftsmen and despite the great help from Mr. Jaeger we got a very nice terrace. Thank you Mr Jaeger

  28. Dennis Junglas (via Google) -

    I can Betterwood just recommend! We built our terrace (approx. 70 square meters) three years ago and have spent many comfortable hours on it since then. I look after them every year and am always pleasantly pleased with the nice and binding contact. I purchase all of the care products from Betterwood. Mr. Jaeger gives very good advice and his colleagues are also competent contacts. There were initially delays in the construction of our terrace because the concealed brackets were not supplied by the manufacturer. After consultation with Mr. Jaeger, an alternative was immediately found, discussed with me and even sent a courier on the same day, so that we could start laying the floorboards on the same day. I was also convinced that it is certified wood, so we could process it with a clear conscience! We have been looking for about 5 years and thought about how we can build our terrace and we are glad that we made that decision.
    Such a dream came true for us.
    By the way, this is not a fake review !!!

  29. Jan Thuro (via Google) -

    After the great advice from Mr. Jaeger, I dared to lay my balcony with Cumaru wood without any prior knowledge. After I had precisely measured the substructure and then followed the installation plan, it was done in eight hours thanks to the quality of the tools that had been ordered. We have a fantastically beautiful balcony. The only thing that didn't work was the delivery with DPD.
    Thank you all Betterwood team.

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Data sheet (PDF)

Notes and application description for the Cumaru decking boards from BioMaderas as a two-page PDF download.

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Installation instructions in German (PDF)

Our installation instructions will help you build your wooden terrace. Please read these carefully before installing the floorboards.

Installation instructions english (PDF)

Our installation instructions will help you with the construction of your wooden decking. Please read them carefully before installing the boards.

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