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Maintain and oil wooden terrace

It's the same with wood as with people: gray comes with age. Decking boards outdoors lose their natural wood color through sun and rain and acquire a silver-grey patina. In addition, surface cracks appear over the years. This process can be slowed down by oiling, but not stopped completely.

How will my wooden terrace age?

The color of the wood changes when exposed to the weather. Jatoba and Garapa initially darken significantly in sunlight before turning grey, while teak quickly turns silver. Therefore, you should not base your choice of wood species solely on the colour, but always keep an eye on the aging process.

aging decking

fresh, darkened, grayed

Unoiled on top, oiled on bottom

Cracks on the decking boards

Cracks on the surface or at the ends also appear on decking boards. Although this effect is more pronounced in domestic woods, it also occurs regularly in tropical woods.

The right care products

From a technical point of view, the graying of the terrace and the formation of cracks is not really a problem: it does not reduce the durability of the wood. However, unsightly dots and stains can form, which can be easily removed with the right care. Cleaning and impregnation can also extend the natural lifespan of the decking. What is the right care for your wooden terrace depends above all on what the aim of the care should be. Here you will find an overview of the suitable products for terrace care.

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Terrace oil from BioMaderas

Effect: Color is preserved longer, cracking reduced.

Application: Once for initial protection or twice a year for longer color retention. That BioMaderas Decking oil was specially developed for tropical wood decking. One liter is enough for around 10 square meters of terrace. The oil comes in three varieties:

Colorless: For effective protection against cracks.

Bright: For protection against cracking and longer color retention.

Dark: For areas that have already turned gray and are to be colored again

decking oil

impregnation of BioMaderas

Effect: Prevents fungus and mold growth.

Application: Only on less durable wood or in poorly ventilated areas. The impregnation protects the wood from fungal attack. But since it is toxic and terrace wood from BioMaderas naturally has a high resistance to wood-destroying fungi, we recommend using it only in poorly ventilated and damp areas of the terrace or on less durable wood such as larch or spruce.

If required, priming or impregnation.

Front edge wax from BioMaderas

Effect: Protection against end cracks.

Application: The end edge wax significantly reduces the formation of end cracks on the cut edges and should be applied once to the end grain after the planks have been cut.

front edge wax

Terrace cleaner from BioMaderas

Effect: Removes dirt, algae and old oil.

Application: As required. The terrace cleaner from BioMaderas based on oxalic acid and has proven to be an efficient means of cleaning dirty and gray terraces.

patio cleaner
Wooden terrace when oiling

How do I oil my wooden terrace?

In order to reduce the formation of cracks, the terrace should be oiled after laying. If you want to keep the color of the wood longer, you should use the light-coloured terrace oil from BioMaderas repeat the application.

To prepare: When the terrace is finished, it can be oiled. The wooden surface must be clean, free of dust and grease and dry. Remove dirt with a suitable cleaner. Stir well before and during use.

Instruct: The BioMaderas Apply a thin, even coat of decking oil to bare, untreated wood using a lint-free cotton cloth, brush or roller.

touch up: Remove excess oil (oil that has not soaked into the wood) within 20 minutes with a cloth or rub in.

Let rest: The freshly oiled surface should not get wet for 8 hours. After that, the wood is weatherproof.

Teak decking 95mm, Switzerland

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