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Wooden garden furniture

The Garden Furniture made of wood Betterwood are made from high quality materials. That Cumaru wood has a red-brown color and harmonises with the silver stainless steel. That Teak wood is golden brown and has a particularly smooth surface. For wood according to the highest resistance class according to the DIN standard. The stainless steel used is rustproof. The wood comes from FSC-certified forestry.

Teak wood garden furniture

The Betterwood see Garden chairs, Garden tables and garden benches made of teak wood. The material is durable and convinces with a particularly low risk of cracking and splintering. If left untreated, the furniture will acquire a silver patina after some time outdoors. If you want to keep the wood color longer, you should choose a suitable one wood care use.

Cumaru wood patio furniture

The garden benches and garden tables Cumaru wood are combined with high-quality frames made of stainless steel. The Cumaru wood is special heart and resistant. This means that it can withstand high loads over the long term.

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