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With wooden tiles made from FSC®-certified tropical wood Cumaru, Garapa, Jatoba or Teak With the best durability, durable wooden floors can be laid quickly and easily on terraces, balconies and gardens - without additional substructures or screws.



Decking elements

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Plan a wooden tile terrace now.

We will provide you with a laying plan and an offer with transport costs and accessories. This service is, of course, free of charge and non-binding.

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background of our wooden tiles

The FSC®-certified origin

The teak tiles come from Asia, the cumaru tiles from Peru, from the same forest where our other cumaru woods come from. Both woods are 100% certified according to the FSC® standard, which guarantees sustainable and fair production.

Origin Peru Cumaru

The principle with the click

Our wooden tiles can be laid on any flat and solid surface. Lie down, click, done - that's how easy it is to use wooden floors with wooden tiles outdoors. If you still have questions, you can find ours here Consulting.

The terrace planner for wooden tiles

With our Wooden tile planner you can let us plan your balcony or terrace in advance. We determine your material requirements for tiles and patio oil. You can calculate your project yourself with our terrace calculator.

Terrace planner wooden tiles

Know where it comes from

We are proud that our wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. That's why we're happy to show you where the tree grew and what we're doing for the rainforest.

Our commitment to the environment

The wooden tile terraces of our customers

“Our terrace with teak wood tiles looks great. Thanks very much!"

Reinhard Augustine

"The tiles are much better than the goods from the hardware store."

Conrad Wagner

"Great, it really was that simple: just lay it down, snap it together and cut it out on the posts."

Petra Damm

Our decking wood

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