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Teak wooden table tops

A wooden panel made from the FSC®-certified tropical wood teak is suitable for use as a worktop, table top, for furniture construction and boat building. Various strengths and dimensions are available to choose from. Cuts are also possible.

18mm strength

Our thinnest wooden panels with a thickness of 18mm are particularly suitable as shelves and for furniture construction.

30mm strength

The medium thickness of our wooden panels fit perfectly as a table top. But of course much more can come of it.

40mm strength

Our strongest wooden panels are particularly robust and impress as worktops in the kitchen as well as table tops.

Sustainable origin

Our teak panels are manufactured in a certified craft workshop in Vietnam. The teak wood used comes from sustainably managed forests and bears the FSC® 100% certificate for particularly sustainable and responsible forest management.

teak tree
Teak bathroom shelf

Wood panels for furniture construction

Our wooden panels are ideal for furniture construction. Regardless of whether you want to build shelves, cupboard doors or kitchen units: you will find the right material made of teak or mahogany with us. The 18mm thick wooden panels made of teak or mahogany are usually used for shelves and cupboard doors. Corpuses and shelves can be built very well from the stronger variants with a thickness of 40mm. If you wish, we can supply you with the panels already cut to length and width for your project.

Teak kitchen worktops

The 40mm thick wooden panels are usually used as worktops for the kitchen. Due to their high natural durability, these teak panels are particularly suitable for use as kitchen panels. With the right care oil, the work surface can be freshened up again and again and scratches reduced.

Kitchen board made of 18mm teak board
Seat platform at the pool made of 40mm thick teak panels, finger-jointed

Teak panels outside

Teak is the most popular wood for outdoor use. It has proven itself over many decades on boats and yachts and is now being used more and more often as a material for furniture in the garden. However, the special properties of the material that can occur under weathering, such as graying or surface cracks, always has to be considered.

Continuous or finger-jointed

With us you will find wooden panels with continuous slats or finger-jointed. Finger-jointed means that the panels are made up of several wooden slats lengthwise and widthwise. In the case of continuous slats, the wooden slats are only connected widthwise and in one piece lengthwise. The finger-jointed version is usually a little cheaper.

Balcony table 18mm teak finger-jointed
Origin tropical wood

Know where it comes from

We are proud that our wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. That's why we're happy to show you where the tree grew and what we're doing for the rainforest.

Our commitment to the environment

The wooden panels of our customers

Teak top as a bathroom shelf

“We installed the 40mm thick teak panels with continuous slats in various places in our bathroom: as shelves, closet doors, washstands. A very beautiful material that sets an exciting accent.”

Tom Huber

Teak top as a vanity

“We made our vanity from a teak board with a wavy edge. The floor in the bathroom is laid with teak parquet and the cabinet doors are made of 18mm thick boards. It’s great that there is a wood that easily withstands the humidity in the bathroom.”

Ulrike Matthiesen

Teak top as a dining table

“Our dining table consists of a finger-jointed teak top, which is unscrewed on a black Eiermann-table frame lies. Due to the heavy weight of the plate, it is a stable construction and looks great.”

Christian Jaeger

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