Teak top 140x80cm continuous slats FSC

wood panel " Default " continuous

Wooden panels with continuous slats

Here you will find our wooden panels with continuous slats in standard sizes. We also have the plates in one finger-jointed variant or as blanks Releases.

Know where it comes from

We are proud that our wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. That's why we're happy to show you where the tree grew and what we're doing for the rainforest.

Our commitment to the environment

All wood panels

220,00  per m²

excl. Shipping

460,00  per m²

excl. Shipping

385,00  per m²

excl. Shipping

ab 37,70 

( 290,00  / 1 m²)
excl. Shipping

ab 50,60 

( 460,00  / 1 m²)
excl. Shipping