Aluminum substructure 64x41mm

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Aluminum substructure from BioMaderas

The aluminum substructure is designed in such a way that the screw sits in two layers of aluminum and thus has a very good hold. The indentation on the top corresponds to the strength of one BioMaderas Clips and thus ensures an improved support of the board.

Width 46 mm
Height 41 mm
Length running meter, 200cm
Material Aluminium
Payload 350 kilograms with 50cm axis measurement, 70cm support spacing
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The aluminum substructure of BioMaderas was specially designed for the properties of BioMaderas- Decking developed from tropical wood. The profile resists stresses that can occur with hardwood decking. It remains distortion-free and practically indestructible. With the connection adapters The construction rails can be connected to each other. The rails can be easily shortened with a hacksaw. Please ensure good ventilation and pre-drilling the floorboards and substructure. The swelling and shrinking of wood can lead to problems when combined with an aluminum substructure if the terrace is not well ventilated and the wood and aluminum have not been pre-drilled.

Aluminum substructure from BioMaderas

Aluminum substructure terrace
facing aluminum


✓ Brand quality from BioMaderas
✓ specially for BioMaderas- Decking and BioMaderas-Clips
✓ Warp-free aluminium
✓ No tearing, no loose screws
✓ suitable for terraces with a low installation height
✓ Extension through adapter connection is also possible


Requirement per square meter wooden terrace approx. 2,5 running meters
distance Substructure max. 45-50cm
Distance support points of the substructure Max. 110cm
You can also use ours Building instructions for wooden terraces.
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Building instructions

The aluminum substructure of BioMaderas can be laid directly on a flat and solid surface. Are recommended patio pads for smaller height adjustments between substructure and foundation. If a greater installation height is to be achieved, this can be done with Pedestals from BioMaderas be worked. The aluminum substructure can be connected to the connection adapters extend as desired. BioMaderas deck screws or concealed fastening system from BioMaderas can be installed with the substructure. The screw holes should always be pre-drilled.

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Our installation instructions will help you with the construction of your wooden decking. Please read them carefully before installing the boards.

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