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Teak FSC folding table BioMaderas

Hidden stainless steel fasteners for decking with no visible screws. Suitable for decking boards of any width, suitable for tropical wood and domestic types of wood, including all screws and with improved constructive wood protection.


Material stainless steel
Contents Clips including all screws
clip dimension 54mm length, 28mm width, 6mm height
screw dimensions 4,2x17mm or 4,2x22mm (depending on the selected version) + 4,2x28mm


Building instructions online BioMaderas Clips
Product data sheet Download (PDF)

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Concealed stainless steel screw connection

With the BioMaderas Stainless steel clips allow decking to be attached without visible screws. The set consists of stainless steel clips and stainless steel screws that have been specially developed for the high demands of tropical wood decking. Warranty when using the originalBioMaderas-Goods.

BioMaderas Clips stainless steel
Cumaru decking boards 90mm, 2 years old


✓ Brand quality from BioMaderas
✓ specially for BioMaderas- Decking
✓ Without visible screws on the wooden deck
✓ 100% stainless steel
✓ including stainless steel screws
✓ for decking boards from 19mm to 50mm thick
✓ for every decking width
✓ tested for high mechanical loads
✓ Warranty when using original BioMaderas-products

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Tropical wood decking boards FSC
test results BioMaderas Clips

Tested in laboratory and practice

That the BioMaderas Of course, we had clips that meet the high requirements of tropical wood decking boards tested. The result: it takes over 100 kilograms of pulling force to pull a fixed decking board 4mm up. The thousands of wooden terraces with clips confirm the suitability every year.

Request terrace plan and offer

We look forward to helping you plan your wooden deck. Use our free terrace planner and receive an installation plan for your decking and substructure, as well as a complete offer including the correct amount of BioMaderas Clips

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50 piece, 200 pieces, 400 pieces, 800 pieces

5 Reviews for BioMaderas Clip stainless steel

  1. ALANDEKER (via Amazon) -

    Excellent product. Used pour faire une terrasse il permet d'assembler et de fixer les lames de terrasses entre elles sans que les clips soient visible (bien suivre les instructions données).
    Produit de quality and très bien etudié afin de réaliser une terrace durable.

  2. KUW (via Amazon) -

    We recommend. No screws to be seen, easy to work with. It should definitely be pre-drilled, then everything goes very quickly.

  3. Siegward Moser (via Google) -

    Professional, competent and friendly.
    It doesn't get any better than that. Philip and his team were helpful not only with the planning but also with questions during the completion of the Terrasee. The wood and accessories are first class for every season. We chose them BioMaderas Clips for invisible screwing and were very happy with them. The website is the best on the market. Clearly organized and super detailed. The building instructions are designed for every conceivable situation and are easy to understand. We will be back and are already planning a second terrace. can be recommended without reservation.

  4. Nina Joos (via Google) -

    Super advice, fast delivery, top products. We are extremely satisfied.

  5. Horsch Simon (via Amazon) -

    Excellent system of fixation. La pièce en metal s'attache à la planche par deux vis, du côté tourné vers le sol, puis on fixe la planche au sol (généralement sur des poutres de support) à l'aide d'une vis “sans tête”, et c'est là que je met un bémol à ma composition car il n'y avait que 100 vis pour 200 fixations, et ce genre de vis se trouve difficilement dans le commerce habituel (Brico, Mr Bricolage, Gamma, Hubo,…)

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Data sheet clips silver 7417
Data sheet (PDF)

Notes and application description for the silver stainless steel clips from BioMaderas as a two-page PDF download.

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