Chopping block N°615
46 x 18 cm, FSC 100%


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The oblong chopping block N°615 is made of teak end grain and is therefore particularly gentle on knife blades. The wood thickness of 51mm makes it particularly robust and durable. The high-quality aluminum feet with rubber prevent slipping and improve ventilation.

FSC teak cutting board


Length 46 cm
Width 18 cm
wood thickness 5,1 cm
Height including feet 6 cm


Species Teak (Tectona grandis)
application end grain
Surface sanded smooth
bending rounded
handles milled on the side
feet Aluminum, black anodized, anti-slip rubber coating
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The chopping block N°615 made of teak

The oblong chopping block N°615 from BioMaderas with teak feet was made of teak end grain and is particularly gentle on knife blades. From sustainable origin and fair production, awarded the FSC® 100% certificate. The premium teak was cut across the tree fibre, sanded several times and processed to a high standard. The result: an excellent service life and lasting quality.

Teak chopping block 615


✓ From sustainable forestry
✓ Extra strong teak end grain
✓ Particularly gentle on knife blades
✓ Each chopping block is unique with an individual pattern and wood colour
✓ transparent origin
✓ direct sales
✓ climate-neutral shipping

cutting board advice

Occasionally treat your oblong chopping block N°615 with natural oil. This is best for this Cutting board care oil of BioMaderas. Clean it under running water. Do not use aggressive detergents. Do not leave it in water for a long time and do not clean it in the dishwasher.

Cutting Board Advice

The origin

The oblong chopping block N°615 is made of teak end grain. Plantation and manufacture in Mexico work according to strict FSC® criteria. No pesticides are used and the plantations are criss-crossed by extensive eco-strips that are protected from any human intervention. The employees are socially insured and receive fair payment.

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46 x 18 cm, FSC 100%

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