Teak board 18mm finger-jointed
240x100cm, FSC 100%


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Shelf / furniture board teak 18mm finger-jointed from BioMaderas

The FSC® 100%-certified solid wood panels made of teak are suitable for use as washbasins, for furniture construction, for tables and kitchens. The glue connection is waterproof, the wood has a high resistance to mold and fungi and can also be used outdoors with appropriate surface treatment.

FSC shelf / furniture panel teak 18mm finger-jointed


Length 240cm
Width 100cm
Size 18 mm
Cutting also as an individual Cutting available


Quality A / B
Species Teak (Tectona grandis)
Origin Vietnam , FSC® 100% certified
Brand BioMaderas
slats Solid wood finger-jointed
slat width 3cm to 7cm
gluing D4 (according to DIN EN 204, highest water resistance)
Surface sanded smooth
Drying technically dried

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Processing instructions for solid wood panels

The solid slats for our solid wood panels are carefully selected and technically dried. They are glued together so that sapwood occurs predominantly on the B side. Wood core to wood core are therefore not glued alternately. We would like to give you a few important tips on how to handle solid wood panels. So that you can enjoy working with the natural material wood as much as we do!

Wooden top teak
Teak bathroom shelf

1. Appearance

Solid wood panels are a natural product. Our panels are sorted during production according to strict quality specifications. The special wood structure and the natural play of colors give each panel an individual character. They do not constitute a reason for complaint.

2. Acclimatization

The wooden panels must acclimatize for at least 48 hours in the room in which they are to be installed. To do this, lay the record flat and open the packaging. Protect the wooden panels from extreme changes in temperature and humidity. If the plate deforms, it must be turned over so that acclimatization can take place evenly on both sides. Bearing rails and, if necessary, weighing down the plate with a weight are also helpful.

Teak washbasin 40mm
Worktop raw oiled

3. Surface treatment

Surface treatment (e.g. oiling) must always be carried out on both sides to the same extent. We recommend BioMaderas Olive oil for our solid wood panels.

4. preparation

Pre-drill holes for the necessary screws to reduce stress. Screws should be screwed at least 15 mm deep into the solid wood panel at least every 15 cm. The stabilizing strips should be selected in the profile so that they are statically effective and prevent the panel from warping. However, please note that this is a product made of solid wood, which swells and shrinks with fluctuations in humidity.

teak tree
Teak tree bark vanity

5. Assembly

Additional stabilizing strips should be attached to the underside to prevent the plate from deforming. Solid wood is a living material that expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. A sufficiently wide expansion gap should therefore always be left open against all other non-living materials such as stone, steel, walls and pipes. It is best to cover this with a decorative strip. In addition, the solid wood panel should be ventilated from both sides. We advise against gluing the panel over the entire surface.

6. Nursing and Aging

After years of intensive use, the solid wood panel may show stains, scratches and streaks. To refresh, sand lightly with a grinder or fine sandpaper and re-oil if necessary. In this way, minor damage can also be treated.

Shipping costs

Weight 34,56 kg
Size 240x100x1,8 cm
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wooden slats

finger-jointed slats








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240x100cm, FSC 100%"

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Data sheet (PDF)

Technical data sheet and processing instructions for our teak wood panels as a PDF download.

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