Mahogany solid wood top


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With the free wood pattern of the Solid mahogany wood panels you can get an impression of the color and surface of the solid wood panel.

length wood pattern about 8cm
Wide wood pattern about 8cm
Size 18 mm
Species mahogany
Surface sanded smooth
slats Solid timber
drying technically dried
Brand BioMaderas
Certificate SVLK

Would you like more patterns to order? We will ship up to three different samples free of charge throughout Europe. In the case of conspicuous orders, we reserve the right to withdraw from our offer at any time.

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Solid mahogany wood panels

The solid lamellas for our solid wood panels are carefully selected and technically dried. They are glued together so that sapwood occurs mainly on the B side. Wood cores are therefore not glued alternately to wood cores. If the room climate is even and not too dry, possible changes will remain small.

Washbasin made of 40mm thick teak panels, continuous slats

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