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The pedestal supports the substructure of your terrace and helps with easy height adjustment and leveling of your wooden terrace. The construction increases the constructive protection of the wood, as it avoids waterlogging and allows better ventilation on the underside.

Adjusting range pedestal 35mm to 55mm
Adjustment range including adapter 35mm to 295mm (Please select)
Material weather resistant polypropylene
Dimensions adapter 20mm, 40mm, 60mm or 80mm
pressure load up to 1000 kilograms per bearing
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The pedestals of BioMaderas enable uncomplicated height adjustment of the substructure of a wooden terrace. The terrace base prevents the substructure from being in direct contact with the ground, ensures good ventilation and prevents waterlogging. The pedestals can be steplessly adjusted by simply turning them. In combination with the adapters, you can achieve an additional installation height of 35mm to 295mm. Thanks to the X-shape of the support plate, the substructure can be built up close to the edge and several substructure timbers can be joined in a row. The substructure made of wood or aluminum can be attached using the assembly stop.

member of Global Forest & Trade Network of the WWF


✓ Brand quality from BioMaderas
✓ suitable for every substructure
✓ Can be combined with aluminum substructure
✓ Stepless height adjustment from 35mm to 295mm
✓ Simple leveling of the substructure
✓ a basic model for all assembly heights
✓ weatherproof polypropylene
✓ high static load capacity
✓ best ventilation of the wooden terrace
✓ suitable for different surfaces

Building instructions

The pedestals of BioMaderas form the support points for the wooden or aluminum substructure of a wooden terrace. Depending on the load-bearing capacity of the substructure, the pedestals are positioned at a distance of 60-110 centimeters where the substructure will later run. The substructure is then placed on the pedestal and can be attached to the side with the terrace base. With the help of a spirit level, the substructure is brought to the desired height by turning the adjustable feet.

Terrace construction advice

The prerequisite for a successful terrace construction is correct planning. We are happy to help you choose the right material and create one for you free of charge laying plan for your area. In our Decking Advice you will find many helpful tips from planning and laying to the care of your decking. Of course you can also use the live chat of our wood experts use it, send us your question by e-mail or by telephone. We would be happy to help you with your terrace construction project.

Construction height wooden terrace

Material assembly height
Bearing 35-55mm + UK 45mm + TD 21mm 101-121 mm
Bearing 35-55mm + Adapter 20mm + UK 45mm + TD 21mm 121-141 mm
Bearing 35-55mm + Adapter 40mm + UK 45mm + TD 21mm 141-161 mm
Stock 35-55mm + 40mm + 20mm + UK 45mm + TD 21mm 161-181 mm
Stock 35-55mm + 40mm + 40mm + UK 45mm + TD 21mm 181-201 mm
With additional adapters construction height up to 361 mm
Plan your terrace with our Online patio planner
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1 review for pedestal of BioMaderas

  1. jf (via Google) -

    In short: quality, advice, purchase and delivery: everything super professional!
    My wife and I have no hesitation in recommending Bettwood! Many thanks again, especially to Mr. Jäger!

    Since the entire process impressed us very positively, and I myself also attached great importance to the experience of other customers, I also took the trouble to write a long version.

    1. Sustainability/FSC
    For me, the sustainable origin of the wood was very important (we chose Cumaru). There is a lot of discussion about the credibility of the FSC certificates, but the concept of Betterwood and the open presentation of the origin is completely convincing.

    2. Advice and planning
    The advice from Mr. Jäger and other colleagues was really excellent! The colleagues take their time, are very competent and if they really don't know something, they ask and call back. By sending samples free of charge, we were able to get a good impression of the types of wood beforehand.
    The concrete planning of the terrace was then also very professional, the required lengths and quantities of the wood were determined exactly and were exactly right.
    Small items such as screws and spacer profiles were also precisely calculated. I didn't have to be specific about the adjustable bearings, I simply ordered a few more and was able to return them without any problems

    3. delivery
    The delivery was uncomplicated and reliable. We had to lend a hand with unloading, but that was agreed upon.

    4. quality
    The quality of the delivered wood was very good. One must be aware that Cumaru has a wide range of colours. It doesn't bother us, on the contrary, we find it very invigorating. The hue will probably adapt anyway when it turns gray.
    You should also read the chapter on "typical wood properties" in the decking guide beforehand.
    Here is also a good description for the layman of what can naturally occur in the woods (which as a layman could quickly rate as a mistake)

    5. pay
    We were completely surprised that no deposit was due. The bill only came after the delivery, which is hardly ever the case these days.

    As a Berliner, I also found it very pleasant and helpful that Betterwood not just an onlineShop is, but also has an office in Berlin. In addition to the possibility of a personal consultation, this was very helpful when returning the remaining pedestals. In addition, some of the most important materials are also available in the office, so that you can look at them or buy something quickly if necessary (in case you have miscounted somewhere).
    Keep it up!!!

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