Teak decking 95mm
SVLK certified

from 6,50 

Teak decking, FSC 100%
Price from: €130 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages: ✓ Best durability and dimensional stability ✓ Lowest risk of cracks and splinters

Disadvantages: ✗ relatively expensive ✗ not very long boards

Tip: Lay decking boards together.

Estimated delivery date: July 23st

Teak decking from Java from BioMaderas

The teak decking boards from Java have the lowest risk of cracking and splintering of all decking wood. They are real barefoot boards of the first resistance class and are individually sorted by hand according to the highest quality.

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SVLK teak decking boards 95mm

Width 95 mm
Size 19 mm
Length 50cm to 240cm
Species Teak (Tectona grandis)
Origin Indonesia (Java), SVLK certified
Quality Premium quality from BioMaderas
Min and sorted by hand sorting criteria
Surface Planed smooth on all sides, sanded on one side
durability Class 1
minimum length Planks can be up to 1cm longer
face Board ends are not always cut square
Drying technically dried (KD)
Online patio planner laying plan and get offer
wood pattern free order
installation instructions terrace guide as PDF
Recommended substructure garapa- Substructure (no aluminum)
Recommended accessories only tested material
Volume discounts 1% Discount per €1.000 purchase value - up to max. 15%
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Teak decking from Indonesia

The decking boards Java teak are made from our oldest teak trees. The trees grow in the east of the Indonesian main island and are planed into high-quality planks there. The high oil and rubber content makes this decking wood particularly supple and minimizes the risk of cracks and splinters forming. The best dimensional stability of all particularly durable woods ensures that the decking boards remain dimensionally stable and the joints remain even for years.

SVLK teak decking boards 95mm

Teak decking 95mm
Teak bench and patio, Eime


✓ our oldest teak
✓ Minimized risk of cracks and warping
✓ shatterproof and barefoot friendly
✓ smooth surface
✓ homogeneous silvering
✓ Well suited for furniture, privacy screens, yacht decks and more
✓ Java teak SVLK certified from sustainable forestry
✓ transparent Origin
✓ direct sales
✓ climate-neutral shipping

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Wooden decking advice

The successful construction of a wooden terrace made of high-quality teak decking requires good planning. at Betterwood we accompany you from the selection of the decking, through the laying plan of your terrace to the finished installation. Before the personal consultation, you can get information now with the terrace calculator, terrace planner and online consultation.

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The origin

The island of Java has a long tradition of cultivating teak plantations. The particularly high age leads to an excellent wood quality. Visit our Indonesian teak forest and learn more about sustainable forest management.


Customer Gallery Teak

A teak terrace convinces above all because of its suppleness. But she also looks good. That proves our customer gallery.Here you can also read more about the experiences of our customers with teak.

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Teak decking 125mm FSC
Teak decking 95mm, Switzerland

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Durability according to DIN 68800-1

Durability according to DIN EN 350-2

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18 Reviews for Teak decking 95mm
SVLK certified

  1. Amazon customer -

    fast delivery, quality ok.

  2. Marco Imbriani (via Amazon) -

    excellent. Prodotto di ottima qualità, imballo perfetto e la consegna velocissima. compliments

  3. Users -

    I ordered 140cm planks, but the planks were 141cm. It always works with the right tool, but it should actually fit. Otherwise great wood, 1 of 7 planks had 3 clearly visible dents of about 3-4mm (fortunately on the same side).

  4. Buyer (via Amazon) -

    I ordered 140cm planks, but the planks were 141cm. It always works with the right tool, but it should actually fit. Otherwise great wood, 1 of 7 planks had 3 clearly visible dents of about 3-4mm (fortunately on the same side).

  5. Bonste (via Amazon) -

    Tutto secondo aspettativa, good quality of the wood, speed of delivery, shipping and imballo eccellenti

  6. Shallow (via Amazon) -

    This is not Kerholz, but top quality for garden benches.

  7. René Bente (via Google) -

    Everything great! Super team and best truth!

  8. Customer (via Amazon) -

    That was a great purchase. Price/performance ok. I would be happy to order here again.

  9. Famald (via Amazon) -

    I bought exactly enough teak to make some raised bed planters. Often with wood, some peices are flawed or damaged.
    I bought 16 x 100cm and 4 x 130cm. All perfect quality and my hock beet planters turned out really well.
    I will buy wood from this company again without hesitation.

  10. Jacques (via Amazon) -


  11. Jörg-Dietmar Sauer (via Amazon) -

    Product came on time. Quality great! gladly again

  12. MOUREY PATRICK (via Amazon) -

    Je n'avais besoin que de quelques planches en teck et je n'ai pas trouvé ce que je cherchais à proximity de chez moi. Je n'habite pourtant pas à la campagne!
    Merci donc à Amazon, malgré tout ce qu'on peut dire sur vous en France, de faire partager votre plateforme à d'autres revendeurs.
    Les lames sont rectilignes, le teck est de qualité, sans noeuds.
    J'ai reçu 2 lattes de plus, de qualité moindre et encore tout est relative, mais comme j'avais commandé trop juste, je pourrai en utiliser les chutes.
    Livraison rapide pour l'encombrement.

  13. busmichl (via eBay) -

    Great wood*****. TOP! Thanks very much

  14. Hans-Joachim Kukulies (via Amazon) -

    Expensive but good!

  15. geisenpeter0_1 (via eBay) -

    Top goods!! Fast delivery!!

  16. Alf133 (via Amazon) -

    Unfortunately, the price is a bit too high, otherwise there is nothing to complain about

  17. DADMAX (via Amazon) -

    12 lames pour la fabrication d'un furniture de salles de bain
    Les lames sont almost toutes parfaitement rectilignes, un léger voilage sur quelques lames mais dans les tolérances techniques
    le teck est de qualité sans être le plus dense que j'ai pu voir
    il ne content pas trop de nœuds
    il s'agit bien de teck massif et non de lamélé collé, je le précise car c'est aussi ce que je craignais lorsque j'ai commandé
    chaque lame a une face claire blonde et l'autre plutôt foncée rougeâtre comme souvent sur le teck
    vous pourrez donc choisir l'aspect du rendu final de your terrasse ou de l'objet que vous aurez fabriqué

    dernier point important: les lames sont bien sèches

    I recommend

  18. UV (via Google) -

    Great product, excellent advice and service!
    I already have wood for 3 terraces Betterwood ordered.
    The wood has always been excellent, the delivery prompt and flawless. The advice and service from Mr Jäger was exceptionally good, and he supported me with his extensive specialist knowledge over the course of several telephone calls.
    Sustainability with professional and reliable service - how nice that there are companies like this!

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Data sheet decking 1095 1052
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Instructions and application description for the teak decking as a two-page PDF download.

Terrace Guide German
Installation instructions in German (PDF)

Our installation instructions will help you build your wooden terrace. Please read these carefully before installing the floorboards.

Installation instructions english (PDF)

Our installation instructions will help you with the construction of your wooden decking. Please read them carefully before installing the boards.

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