Teak offcuts and craft wood

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Intersection of teak strips and teak panels with a maximum side length of up to 40 cm.

Amount per kg at 50mm width about 1,6m
Amount per kg at 95mm width about 0,8m
Width mixed, 50mm to 125mm
Size mixed, 18mm to 40mm
Length up to 40cm
Quality Waste, partly B-Ware
Species Teak (Tectona grandis)
drying technically dried

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Teak cuttings and craft wood up to 40cm

The offcut is from our Java teak decking, which is made from our oldest teak trees. The trees grow in the east of the Indonesian main island, where they are planed into high-quality floorboards. The wood comes from the WWF Global Forest and Trade Network. Due to its smooth surface, it is ideal as a handicraft wood for smaller handicraft projects.

Teak Decking 95mm
Teak scrap craft wood


✓ high-quality craft wood
✓ Resistance class 1 according to DIN standard
✓ smooth surface
✓ shatterproof
✓ from sustainable forest management
✓ direct sales
✓ climate-neutral shipping

The origin

The island of Java has a long tradition of cultivating teak plantations. The particularly high age leads to an excellent wood quality. Visit our Indonesian teak forest and learn more about sustainable forest management.


shipping rate

Weight 1 kg



5KG package, 15KG package

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    Went great. Gladly again. Goods were as in the description

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    Unfortunately not the product shown

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