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What you should know about terrace construction, printed on 44 pages: Der Betterwood-Terrace Guide.

FSC Cumaru Decking 145mm

Format DIN A4
Language German (English as PDF download)
page number 44
photos and illustrations 131
Paper 170 grams, colored, matt
Certificate FSC 100%
Article number: 9100-02 Category:

Table of Contents:
What do I need to build a wooden terrace?
What do I have to pay attention to with wooden floorboards?
What are typical wood properties?
How do I complain correctly?
How can I temporarily store the wood?
On which subsoil do I build how?
How is the substructure connected?
How do I build the substructure?
How do I install the decking boards?
How do I visibly screw the floorboards?
How do I conceal the decking boards?
How do I clad my wooden terrace?
How do I straighten crooked floorboards?
How does my terrace age?
How do I sand my patio?
How can I clean my wooden terrace?
How do I oil my patio?
How do I care for my terrace?
Common mistakes and how do I avoid them?
What are the most important tips when building a terrace?
Terrace ready - what else is there?

Betterwood Laying instructions for terrace construction
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Size 29,7x21x1 cm
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