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Wood from Bolivia

It's a long way from a seedling in the tropics to a deck, tabletop or chopping board in your home. According to which principles is work done in the forests? How is the further processing and transport carried out? At this point we would like to document the history behind our tropical wood.

forest and sawmill

Jombang is located southwest of the port city of Surabaya in the east of the largest Indonesian island of Java. In the modern sawmill, the teak trees from the large reforested areas in East Java are processed into decking boards, worktops, parquet, solid wood floorboards and furniture wood.

On Java, teak trees have been growing on extensive plantations for decades. The forests provide a safe habitat for numerous animal and plant species. Due to careful commercial use, the forests have so far been spared from being destroyed by agriculture.

Original BioMaderas Decking boards

The processed teak is transported from Jombang to Surabaya – the capital of the East Java region. With 2,6 million inhabitants, Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and, with Tanjung Perak, has the most important port in the region. Mainly sugar, tobacco and coffee are exported from here. But our teak is also shipped to Europe from here. Under Dutch, British and Japanese rule, the city was of little importance. Only since independence in the middle of the 20th century has the city developed into the second most important metropolis in Indonesia.

Our wood from Bolivia

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