Wood Lexicon Itauba


[I ta u ba]; Mezilaurus spp. (M.itauba, M.lindaviana); itaúba, louro itaúba (BR); taoub jaune (FG); Kaneelhout (SME)

Itauba Wood Lexicon


Northern to central South America

bulk density

1070 kg / m³

durability class


Compressive strength u12-15


Bending strength u12-15


Modulus of elasticity (bending) u12-15

12-300 N/mm²

Modulus of elasticity (bending) u12-15

12-300 N/mm²

Hardness (JANKA) ⊥, converted


Hardness (BRINELL) ⊥ to fiber u12-15


Tangential shrinkage

4,3 %

wood color

yellow-brown to dark brown

wood structure

fine-pored and dense


Terrace wood

Itauba has excellent technical values ​​with a particularly high span and load capacity. It is therefore particularly popular as construction wood.

As a substructure and decking

Due to its positive technical properties, the wood is enjoying increasing popularity in terrace construction. In addition to its use as a substructure, it is also used as a decking board, whereby dark, blotchy discolorations occasionally occur in the visible area, which occur as a result of dark core materials being stored in the living tree. However, these turn gray under weathering and adapt to the rest of the wood colour.

Sources: Wood ABC GD wood

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