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[Yes to ba]; [Hymenaea courbaril]; courbaril (D, FR, GY); jatoba (BR)


Northern to central South America

bulk density

1050 kg / m³


at least 20 years

radial shrinkage


Tangential shrinkage


wood color

different reddish

wood structure

slightly porous


Furniture wood, construction

A tropical precious wood largely unknown in Europe with high resistance and harmonious coloring. Jatoba, or courbaril, is usually readily available in Latin America and grows into trees with cylindrical trunk shapes.

After felling, the heartwood is initially yellowish-brown to pink-red. Darkening to reddish brown in the light. There are hardly any pores, very harmonious, even and closed surface. Interlocked grain rare and weakly pronounced.

Very decorative and very suitable for outdoor use due to its excellent technical characteristics. Thanks to its decorative colouring, it is also popular for furniture and veneer.

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