Wood lexicon Types of wood


[Pinus sylvestris, family Pinaceae]; Scots pine, Scots pine (DE); Scots pine (CH); pin commun, pin sylvestre (FR); pino silvestre (ES, IT); Baltic redwood, pine, Scots pine (GB); grove den (NL)



Europe, east to Siberia; Asia Minor

bulk density

510-550 kg/m³

durability class


radial shrinkage

0,15 - 0,19%

Tangential shrinkage

0,25 - 0,36%

wood color

yellowish to reddish brown

wood structure

straight grained


Furniture wood, flooring, in the pulp and paper industry

With 24% of the forest (2,5 million ha) and 21% of the wood stock, the native pine is the most important forest and commercial tree species in Germany after the spruce. Due to its low durability, pine wood is not suitable for outdoor use.

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