Wood lexicon Types of wood


[cherry tree]; [Prunus avium]; merized (FR); ciliegio (IT); cerzo (ES); cherry, gean (GB)


Europe, Middle East, North America

bulk density

0,6 g / cm³

durability class

3 – 4

radial shrinkage

0,16 - 0,18%

Tangential shrinkage

0,26 - 0,33%

wood color

yellowish to light reddish brown

wood structure

fine-pored and shiny


Veneer, furniture, parquet, jewelry

Cherry wood is currently one of the most valuable woods for furniture and high-quality interior design. Due to its noble and decorative character, it is ideal as a basis for veneer, parquet, wall coverings or even jewelry.

The heart of cherry wood is characterized by its reddish-brown coloring with a fine structure. The sapwood, on the other hand, is yellowish-white and therefore clearly different in color from the core. The wood is medium-hard and very durable when dry. Due to the moderate resistance to fungal attack, it should not be used outdoors.

Sources: Wood ABC GD wood, Wikipedia

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