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[Swietenia macrophylla (syn. S. belizensis, S. candollei, S. krukovii, S. tessmannii), S. mahagoni, S. humilis family Meliaceae]; Trade name Echtes Mahogany (DE), American Mahogany, True Mahogany, Big Leaf Mahogany (UK, US), Acajou d'Amérique (FR), Mahonie (NL), Caoba, Cóbano (MX), Mogno (BR), Aguano (PE ), Mara (EC)

American Mahogany


Middle and South America

bulk density

490-590 kg/m³

durability class


radial shrinkage

0,11 - 0,15%

Tangential shrinkage

0,17 - 0,23%

wood color

light to dark reddish brown with a golden sheen

wood structure

medium-sized pores, often filled with dark, sometimes also with white, non-mineral core substances, fiber orientation mostly with interlocked grain


as solid wood ; Windows, doors, furniture, in ship, yacht and sports boat construction

Mahogany was one of the first overseas timbers to be shipped to Europe from the New World. The overexploitation of the stocks put the wood on the CITES list of endangered wood species. Is not available from sustainable FSC®-certified sources.