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[Ro bi ni e]; colloquially also acacia [Robinia pseudoacacia]; Trade names false acacia, Robinier faux acacia (F); Robinia false acacia (UK)



USA, Southeast Europe

bulk density

0,69 - 0,79 g/cc

durability class


radial shrinkage


Tangential shrinkage


wood color

yellowish olive to brown

wood structure

strikingly structured


Wood tiles, countertops, decking wood

The robinia originally comes from the southeastern United States. Since the tree also grows very well in Europe, there are now very large plantations in Hungary and Romania. The wood is also often mistakenly referred to in the timber trade as acacia referred to, although it has very little in common with the true acacia from Africa.

The robinia has a very reasonable price for its relatively good durability and is therefore a very popular wood for outdoor use. However, robinia can also warp a lot and has a high risk of cracking and splintering.