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[Tim bo ra na]; [Pseudopiptadenia suaveolens]; Trade name Timborana (D, GB, F)


Central America and Brazil

bulk density

0,8 g / cm³

durability class


radial shrinkage

0,6 % water content

Tangential shrinkage

0,7 % water content

wood color

golden to reddish brown

wood structure

coarse and open-pored


Flooring, decking wood, furniture

The wood comes from the forests of Brazil and is also occasionally found in Central America. While Timborana is the trade name only, the correct botanical name is Pseudopiptadenia suaveolens. It has a golden to reddish brown color and is particularly suitable for outdoor use due to its good resistance class and good technical properties. It is used, among other things, for beams, flooring or park benches. Timborana is also ideal as a cheap alternative for terrace construction Substructures.

Sources: tropix, Wikipedia

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