Wood lexicon Types of wood


[U americana, Ulmus carpinifolia, U. glabra, U. laevis, U. rubra, U. thomasii, U. procera, U. laciniata, U. propinqua]; Trade name elm



North America, Europe, Asia

bulk density


durability class


radial shrinkage

0,17 - 0,2%

Tangential shrinkage

0,27 - 0,29%

wood color

light brown, through grey-brown to red-brown and darkening under the influence of light

wood structure

Early wood: coarse and ring-pored; Latewood: pores fine and united to mostly wavy bands


Veneers, furniture, stairs, parquet, household items

The wood, also known as elm, has only been available to a limited extent for some time. Since the 20s, a worldwide die-off of elm trees has been registered. The cause of this so-called "elm disease" is a disease caused by fungi that is spread by a beetle. Due to the insufficient resistance to fungi, the use of elm wood outdoors without appropriate protective treatment is not recommended.

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