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[wal la ba]; [Eperua spp.]; apa, apazeiro, copaibarana, espadeira (BR); bijlhout, walaba (SR); uapa, palo machete (VE); bioudou, wapa (FG)


Northern South America

bulk density

0,9 g / cm³

durability class


radial shrinkage

0,11 - 0,13%

Tangential shrinkage

0,29 - 0,31%

wood color

reddish brown or violet brown

wood structure

homogeneous and dense


Bridges, ship building, fences, terrace building

Wallaba is not yet widespread in Europe and is mainly processed locally in South America. The wood is particularly heavy and durable. It is mainly used as structural wood in exterior construction for bridges, shipbuilding, locks or floating docks.

Sources: Wood ABC GD wood, Wikipedia

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