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Find the right substructure for your wooden terrace. What are the advantages of an aluminum substructure? And what are the strengths of wood? You can find out more about this further down this page.

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Accessories for the substructure

Plan a wooden terrace now for free.

We will provide you with a laying plan and an offer with all the accessories and transport costs. We can also plan extras such as construction height or patio steps for you.

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Which substructure is the right one?

Wood or aluminum for the substructure?

There is no general answer to this question. Depending on the project and your priorities, either one or the other material is better suited as a substructure for your wooden deck. In our Consulting you will find a detailed evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of wood and aluminum in terrace construction.

material comparison
Equipment: BioMaderas hardwood Aluminium
Span: up to 200cm up to 110cm
Shelf life: at least 25 years practically indestructible
max. delay: 1,0% 0,1%
Sustainability: very good (FSC® 100%) rather bad

Know where it comes from

We are proud that our wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. That's why we're happy to show you where the tree grew and what we're doing for the rainforest.

Our commitment to the environment

Our decking boards

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