Cumaru Terrace Elements

Cumaru is one of the hardest and most resilient types of wood in the world. The Cumaru terrace elements combine this resistance with an easy and quick installation. In this way, wooden terraces can be built even with the hardest wood in our range.

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Accessories for the Elements

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We will provide you with a laying plan and an offer with all the accessories and transport costs. We can also plan extras such as construction height or patio steps for you.

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Species Cumaru

The wooden elements Cumaru are made from original Cumaru Decking BioMaderas. The wood is one of the hardest and densest tropical woods worldwide and convinces with its long service life and strong reddish-brown color.

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Easy laying

Laying the wooden terrace elements is also effortless with Cumaru wood. The elements are manufactured in such a way that they fit the planned area and usually only have to be laid out. If you need help with planning, simply use our terrace planner.

The substructures

As with the elements Garapa, Jatoba and teak wood Also, we offer the Cumaru elements with two variants in the substructure: The flat substructure for laying on even and firm substructures, such as a balcony. The strong substructure for laying above ground or steep slopes.

Know where it comes from

We are proud that our wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. That's why we're happy to show you where the tree grew and what we're doing for the rainforest.

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