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The Asian teak wood of the wooden terrace elements convinces with its naturally high durability and supple surface. At the same time, the elements offer the well-known advantages of the modular system: a concealed stainless steel screw connection, easy installation and hundreds of different sizes.

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Type of wood teak

The wooden elements Teak are made from original Teak decking BioMaderas. The wood combines the highest natural durability with very good dimensional stability.

Fast and easy installation

The terrace elements Betterwood are quick and easy to lay and are still a high-quality terrace construction. Based on the floor plan of your terrace or balcony, we build individual elements from teak planks, which are screwed to a substructure with terrace pads using stainless steel screws. This gives you ready-made terrace elements, which you can then put together on site to form your teak terrace.

The substructures

As with the elements Garapa, Jatoba and Cumaru Also, we offer the teak elements with two variants in the substructure: The flat substructure for laying on even and firm substructures, such as a balcony. The strong substructure for laying above ground or steep slopes.

Know where it comes from.

We are proud that our teak comes exclusively from sustainable forest management. That's why we're happy to show you where the tree grew and what we're doing for the forest.

Visit our teak forest

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