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Deck planner for decking boards

Plan your dream terrace within a few minutes – directly and online. The price and material list constantly adapt to your planning steps. If you want, you can also plan stairs, drainage, construction heights and much more.

Choose a decking board:

Cumaru Decking

Extremely robust and resistant, with the highest natural durability.

Garapa decking

Light tropical wood with a homogeneous structure and a pleasant surface.

Jatoba Decking

Strong reddish-brown grain, with excellent resistance.

Teak decking

Best durability and dimensional stability, plus the lowest risk of cracks or splinters.

Teak decking 95mm

Terrace planning in detail

Terrace shape

First, set the desired shape of your terrace. In addition to the standard shapes, you can also draw your own shape.


You can add cutouts to your patio or cover areas of the surface with a different wood.


You can change the decking with just one click. This means you can compare costs quickly and transparently.

Laying direction

Change the laying direction by 90 degrees or lay the boards diagonally if you wish.

laying pattern

With our recommended installation pattern, you will always receive a harmonious and waste-optimized installation pattern - or you can plan independently.

miter cut

Change the laying direction within the area - for example to always lay towards the shorter side.


Benefit from our planning of the substructure that is optimized for offcuts and tailored to the top covering.

assembly height

Decide on the height of your terrace: just a few centimeters or up to 4 meters - or all together on a slope.