Garapa decking boards 145mm FSC


Our wood from Bolivia

Our Garapa wood and Cumaru beams come from the Bolivian region of Santa Cruz and carry the FSC® 100% certificate for responsible forest management. Garapa has an even, light color structure, darkens slightly in the sun and is very hard-wearing.

The forest

The Department of Santa Cruz stretches from the Cordillera Oriental on the eastern edge of the Andes to the flat lowlands of the Amazon Basin and the Gran Chaco. Santa Cruz borders Brazil to the east and Paraguay to the southeast.

The climate is tropical with a rainy season in summer. Cold southerly winds of polar origin (Surazos) can cause short-term cold snaps, especially in winter. The vegetation in the lowlands ranges from the tropical rainforest in the humid north of the department to moist forests and wet savannas to dry forests in the dry Gran Chaco.

Our wood makes an important contribution to the preservation of the tropical rainforest in the region. Because in recent years, the valuable forest ecosystems have been doubly threatened; on the one hand, prolonged drought, high temperatures and winds repeatedly fueled fires. On the other hand, forest areas are burned down every year, run by local farmers for subsistence farming, but more seriously by large agribusinesses who need grazing land for cattle.

jungle in Bolivia

The Certificate & The Certifiers

We only import wood from Bolivia that has been certified by the FSC®®. This ensures responsible forest management and sets an example against illegal manure.

The city

The wood is processed in a sawmill in El Alto. The city of just over 800.000 residents is just west of La Paz, which it was a part of until 1985. The two cities are connected by the world's largest urban cable car network, an efficient and sustainable form of mobility.

El Alto is the second largest city in Bolivia, after Santa Cruz and ahead of La Paz and Cochabamba. Together with the seat of government La Paz, it forms the most populous conurbation in Bolivia. Numerous industrial plants and the highest international airport in the world are located in El Alto.

City of El Alto in Bolivia

Mountain pass in Bolivia

The country

Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America, bordered by Peru and Chile to the west, Argentina and Paraguay to the south, and Brazil to the east and north.

A little over 50% of the population belong to indigenous peoples (Spanish indígenas) of the South American Indians, and a good 30% of the population are mestizos. The rest of the country's residents are "white", mostly descendants of the various waves of immigration from Europe up until after World War II, descendants of African slaves, primarily from Angola, and immigrants from Japan and China.

Bolivia is a fascinating travel destination with unique landscapes and a colorful culture that is still strongly influenced by the traditions of the indigenous people.

The way of the wood

Our wood from Bolivia

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