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The wood from Indonesia

There is hardly a country in the world where the destruction of the rainforest is progressing faster than in Indonesia. Only sustainable forest management can slow down development, preserve biodiversity and protect forests in the long term. Our teak from Java makes a contribution to this.

The Plantation & The Lumber Mill

On Java, teak trees have grown on large areas with extensive plantings for centuries. The resulting teak plantations are similar to our native forests and offer a safe habitat for numerous animal and plant species. Because a little more than a quarter of the entire forest area is designated as a protected area. Thanks to careful commercial use, the forests have so far been spared from being destroyed by agriculture.

Jombang is located southwest of the port city of Surabaya in the east of the largest Indonesian island of Java. In the sawmill, the teak trees from the large reforestation areas in East Java are processed into decking boards.

Teak from Java enjoys an excellent reputation around the world because the climatic conditions are ideal for the tree. The teak grows particularly slowly and achieves a high density and oil content.

Teak plantation Indonesia

Teak plantation in Indonesia

The certification

We only import decking boards from sustainable reforestation from Indonesia. A displacement by industrial agriculture is thus stopped.

The city

The processed teak is transported from Jombang to Surabaya – the capital of the East Java region.

With 2,6 million inhabitants, Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and, with Tanjung Perak, has the most important port in the region. Mainly sugar, tobacco and coffee are exported from here. But our teak is also shipped to Europe from here. Under Dutch, British and Japanese rule, the city was of little importance. Only since independence in the middle of the 20th century has the city developed into the second most important metropolis in Indonesia.

Surabaya in Indonesia

island in Indonesia

The country

With around 240 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. The land area is spread over more than 17.000 islands, with beautiful beaches, countless volcanoes and a diverse flora and fauna. Half of the population lives on the largest island of Java, where the capital Jakarta is located. In addition to Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi are important main islands of the state, and Bali is a popular holiday destination.

Indonesia is still one of the largest areas of rainforest in the world. However, the production of palm oil has increased massively in recent years and is increasingly threatening primary forests. With an annual production of around 45 million tons, Indonesia is the main growing country for palm oil and covers 2/3 of the world total. More than 11 million hectares of land are now required for this.

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