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Sustainable forestry

Sustainable, fair and transparent – ​​our wood comes from responsible forestry and fair production. In the forests we meet the highest social and ecological standards: forestry must work sustainably. The cultivation must take place without harm to the environment and without the use of pesticides. The seal FSC® 100% is a sign of compliance with these principles.

FSC 100% – the seal for sustainable wood

The FSC seal is one of the most renowned sustainability seals. The forest, sawmill and dealers are regularly checked to ensure compliance with high social and ecological standards. In which we at Betterwood By only importing wood from sustainable and fair production, we promote the establishment of this contemporary forestry system from which people and the environment benefit. This is the only way long-term forest protection can work: together with the local population.

FSC forest area is growing

Promote sustainable forestry

Through our focus on sustainable wood products, we promote the ecological transition of forest management worldwide. Our wood comes from a few selected forests and sawmills in the tropics that work without clear-cutting, without pesticides and to preserve biodiversity. We provide transparent information about the Origin and production of every wooden product from our range.

Origin tropical wood

Know where it comes from

We are proud that our wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. That's why we're happy to show you where the tree grew and what we're doing for the rainforest.

Our commitment to the environment