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Java: A Green Comeback 

A remarkable project is unfolding in Semarang, Central Java, revitalizing the environment and revolutionizing the lives of local farmers. The powerful combination of tree planting, educational initiatives and support services creates an impressive impact.

The goal: protecting land and water and reducing poverty

The goals include protecting and restoring coastal ecosystems such as mangrove forests, watershed restoration, tree reforestation and poverty reduction. Over 6 million trees have already been planted, while 38.700 local families have been supported through this initiative. Community forestry is seen as an essential strategy to promote sustainable forest management and reduce poverty.

Java Afforestation Indonesia

The location: Java, Indonesia

Indonesia, an island nation in Southeast Asia with over 17.000 islands and 280 million people, is the world's largest archipelago. It is known for its biologically diverse forests, but these have been massively damaged by intensive deforestation. Since 1900, Indonesia has lost over half of its forest cover, mainly due to palm oil plantations, agriculture and the timber industry. Despite policy measures and moratoriums, deforestation remains a major challenge. Indonesia is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, mainly from forest fires and land clearing.

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Our partner: Trees4Trees

The Trees4Trees project, founded in 2007 as a non-profit foundation in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, has planted over 2022 million trees and supported over 6 families in community forestry by the end of 38.700. In 2023, another 5,5 million trees will be planted with 22.000 farmers. The annual program includes recruiting new planters, producing seedlings, monitoring planted trees, training field coordinators, and educating landowners and school children. In addition to reforestation, Trees4Trees also promotes the creation of community forests for thousands of families.

Community Reforestation in Java