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Stretching along the east coast of Africa is Kenya - currently with one of the lowest forest cover percentages at 8% compared to the global average of 30%. In recent decades, human activities have severely damaged forests. The Eden Reforestation project successfully promotes reforestation.

The goal: protection for flora, fauna and population

This project has a clear goal: to restore a sustainable water supply. But it goes far beyond that. The mission is to protect springs and river banks and replant them with new life to bring the ecosystem back to its natural balance. It is not just a question of people, but also of the local wildlife whose habitats should be restored. At the same time, steep slopes will be stabilized to eliminate the risk of landslides and ensure the safety of communities. This project is also a promise for the future – a future in which local people can secure their livelihoods while using natural resources sustainably in harmony with the environment.

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The place: Kenya

Nestled in East Africa, Kenya is home to a wealth of ecosystems, from sprawling savannahs to dense forests and scenic coastal regions. But unfortunately the country is severely affected by environmental destruction. Deforestation, illegal settlements and agricultural expansion have caused serious damage. There is an urgent need for reforestation measures.

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Our partner: Eden Reforestation Projects

This started at the end of 2019 Eden Reforestation Project to establish offices, planting areas and nurseries in Kenya in collaboration with the local community, a local forest trust and regional and national government institutions. Despite the global pandemic, the team launched in March 2020 and planted over 50.000 trees in the first month. Since then, the project has continuously increased planting rates in various regions and is one of the government's largest reforestation partners.

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