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project in Borneo

Our customers who buy wood from Asia from us - such as our teak products - support reforestation in Borneo.

The goal: reforestation

In Borneo, the rainforest has been massively displaced and barren fallow land has emerged. We support the reforestation of these areas according to the principles of agroforestry. Because we are convinced that sustainable reforestation only works if the local population also benefits from it economically.

The agroforestry concept

The concept is based on three pillars:

  1. The planting of fast-growing trees, which are also in demand by the timber industry.
  2. The cultivation of cover crops: Fruit, vegetables, cocoa, coffee and spices are planted between the trees so that the population can benefit directly.
  3. The principle of regenerative agriculture: The use of different plant species improves soil quality, biodiversity and productivity in a natural way.

track development

This map shows the success of the reforestation. Each marker represents a project with a local farmer. If you click on the marker, you will find out how many trees have already been reforested at this point.

TV report about the project

Why is the rainforest in Indonesia disappearing? Deutsche Welle's contribution illustrates the background - above all there is a lack of prospects for an economically sustainable use of the ecologically valuable forests on site. Locals are tempted to dig for dangerous gold and agricultural companies are converting large areas of forest into palm oil plantations.

How to counteract this? Our project partner Fair ventures worldwide has an ambitious plan with the project "100 million trees for Borneo" and is bringing forest back to where it once was, with a sustainable source of income for participants in the project.  

Our partner: Fairventures Worldwide

The reforestation in Borneo is organized by the Stuttgart NGO Fair ventures worldwide. Fairventures specializes in large-scale reforestation of degraded land for the benefit of local communities. The organization supports the local population with expertise and market access for their products.