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Bringing new life to the rainforest

The “lungs of the earth” are suffering from the consequences of illegal deforestation. This destruction causes significant ecological imbalance. This is exactly where the project comes in: to revitalize the deforested areas through targeted reforestation and thus restore the ecological balance. 

Goal: Renew Brazil's green heart

The Amazon region is of invaluable ecological value and urgently needs to be protected. Rio Terra is entirely dedicated to reforestation. The efforts of this project are critical to preserving biodiversity and creating a place for Amazon's unique fauna. In addition, reforestation contributes to carbon sequestration and is carried out in accordance with the Brazilian Forestry Code.

Amazon planting area

The location: Rondônia – Brazil

We are heading to an important region of the Brazilian Amazon, the state of Rondônia. A crucial reforestation mission is unfolding here to revitalize local and global ecosystems. In the 1990s, only 2% of Rondônia's forests had been cut down. Today, the area destroyed is 28,5% - the highest rate of any Amazon state. This is exactly where Rio Terra comes in to bring about change.


Our partner: Rioterra

Acts as an impact organization in the Amazon region Rioterra and seeks to bring together diverse actors to promote and implement sustainable solutions in the regional economy by 2030 aimed at reducing social vulnerabilities, combating climate change and protecting biodiversity.

Reforest the Amazon Basin Team