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Green protective shields

Did you know that you can plant trees in specific locations to use them as wind and sun protection? Since 2005, our partner Ketawe has made it its goal to solve complex problems with innovative ideas. 


The goal: restore habitats

By planting trees to act as windbreaks, Ketawe has created a windbreak system that allows farmers to achieve better yields using less land, preventing aeolian erosion and reducing environmental, water and carbon footprints. Wildlife habitats are preserved and women's independence is promoted through employment opportunities. The project improves soil quality and provides high-quality jobs in rural areas. Together with farmers, a unique tree planting system was developed that combines wind protection and agriculture, thus contributing to the creation of habitats. 


amazon windshield farm

The location: Amazon region in Bolivia

Bolivia is known for its impressive biodiversity in ecosystems such as the rainforest and the Andes. Bolivia faces major challenges from deforestation, mining and climate change. Between 2001 and 2021, Bolivia lost 3,35 million hectares of primary forest and 6,67 million hectares of tree cover, resulting in significant CO₂ emissions. Despite protected areas covering 22% of the country and providing habitat for endangered species such as jaguars and giant otters, biodiversity remains at risk from illegal hunting and other threats. 

amazon windshield tree solo

Our partner: Ketrawe

Ketrawe is our committed partner in global reforestation, creating jobs and protecting wildlife. Their projects remove gigatons of CO2 and improve land values, crop yields and water quality. By reducing erosion and wildfires, they create income and jobs for farmers and communities. KETRAWE proudly manages multiple reforestation projects, achieving significant environmental and social improvements through unique planting methods.

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