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All videos from Betterwood can be found on this page. From TV reports about us, to instructions on building terraces, to videos from our project partners in our sustainability projects.

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ZDF report

With the article about Betterwood In March 2024, the ZDF documentary series “Plan B” showed that forest management can contribute to the preservation of tropical forests.

Galileo tropical wood documentation

The ProSieben program “Galileo” visited us in our warehouse and in one of our forests in Peru in 2017. The result is a film that describes our new path in the timber trade.

We Project documentation

Our founder Catherine Körting Pacheco was portrayed for the European Commission’s “Womenentrepreneurs Project” in October 2026.



The material

What accessories are needed for building wooden terraces?

The substructure

How can I build the foundation and substructure?

Align the substructure

How do you align the substructure?

The diagonal substructure

How to build a diagonal substructure?

Cutting the planks

How can you cut the planks?

Attach the first plank

How do you attach the first plank?

Screw the planks together in a concealed manner

How can you screw the floorboards in a concealed manner?

Attach the last plank

How do you attach the last row of planks?

The final cut with a diagonal

How do you make the final cut?

The floorboards are growing

How do you wax the end edges of the planks?

Clean the floorboards

How do you clean the floorboards?

Oil the floorboards

How do you oil the floorboards?



Biomaderas Clips building instructions

Watch our short video on installing a wooden deck BioMaderas Clips on.

Fastening the first plank

In this video you can see how to fasten the first board in the system of BioMaderas Clips stainless steel succeeds.

Replace floorboards

Watch this short video to see how to replace planks that have been attached with clips.


Tree nation

With the help of Tree Nation, we find organizations that completely compensate for our Co2 emissions through reforestation projects. This video takes you on a journey to projects around the world.

Rainforest Trust

Watch the video to see how our partner the Rainforest Trust helps to protect the rainforest, preserve endangered species and help the local population.

100 million trees for Borneo

Our project partner Fairventures Worldwide has an ambitious project with the “100 Million Trees for Borneo” project and is bringing the forest back to where it once was, with a sustainable source of income for project participants.

Greenpeace on the Amazon

In this video, Greenpeace explains how the European and American timber industries are destroying the ecological system and subsequently portraying illegal tropical timber as ecological.

ARD report on forest fires in Brazil

In this report from the ARD program Weltspiegel from 2020, the dramatic situation on site is described and it is pointed out that burnt areas must be reforested and not converted to private ownership for farming for palm oil or soy.

Animal welfare in FSC-certified forests

In this video we present a groundbreaking study conducted by Utrecht University with the support of WWF and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Published on April 10, 2024 in the prestigious journal Nature, the research highlights the effectiveness of measures in FSC-certified forest concessions to protect wildlife.