Accessories for wooden terraces

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Accessories for wooden terraces

Here you will find everything you need to build a wooden terrace: from screwing the decking boards to structural wood protection and the construction height to the right wood care.

Bolting & tools

For fixing the decking boards.

Substructure & Ventilation

For improved constructive wood protection.

Wood care and protection

Find the right care for your wood.

Bolting and tools

Here you will find everything you need to assemble a wooden terrace: from terrace screws to invisible screw connections, to tools and aids.

substructure and ventilation

These accessory products improve the structural protection of the wood and enable problem-free height adjustment of your wooden terrace.

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Wood care

The right oils for the care of our decking boards, wooden panels and cutting boards. In addition, the right cleaning and wood protection for our terrace wood.

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starting from 24,95 

starting from 24,95 

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Plan a wooden terrace now for free.

We will provide you with a laying plan and an offer with all the accessories and transport costs. We can also plan extras such as construction height or patio steps for you.

terrace planner

Our accessories for terrace construction

The Betterwood you will find everything you need for the construction of your wooden deck Decking boards or Wooden tiles to need. With our spacer achieve a uniform joint width when laying your terrace boards. Of the patio drill is suitable for pre-drilling the hardwood decking and substructure and ensures a smooth countersinking of the stainless steel decking screws.

With our Wood care for outdoor terraces, the wood color lasts longer and your wooden terrace is well protected against fading and fungal attack. the patio pads made of rubber granules are placed between the foundation and the construction wood when building the wooden terrace and increase the constructive protection of the wood.

With the Stainless Steel Decking Screws permanently fasten the decking boards to the substructure. If you don't want visible screws on your decking, we recommend these hidden screw connection Sihga plank fix or early plank holder. With the pedestals for wooden terraces, height differences can be compensated and levelled.

Our decking boards

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ab 10,60