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post base and angle

The wooden substructure of a terrace should be connected – to each other, to the counter battens and to the foundation. Here you will find the appropriate wood connectors: post supports, brackets and flat connectors for terrace construction.

Terrace construction advice

Underfloor of a wooden terrace

Different substrates make different demands on the construction of a wooden terrace. Sometimes post supports are required, sometimes only flat connectors are needed. In our wooden terrace advice, we inform you about the construction of a wooden terrace above ground, on concrete, on roofs and on a slope.

Instruction underground
Sucupira substructure with Cumaru decking boards
Garapa decking stairs, wooden terrace Berlin

Stairs for wooden terrace

Stairs are one of the most demanding construction phases of a wooden terrace. Angle connectors help to achieve a stable overall construction. In our consultation you will learn more about the staircase construction.

Instructions for stair construction

Terrace planner online

Are you unsure about the construction and your need for wood connectors and post bases? Then use our online terrace planner and receive a complete offer for your project as well as a plan for the substructure and terrace boards.

terrace planner
terrace planner

Other accessories

Bolting & tools

For fixing the decking boards.

Substructure & Ventilation

For improved constructive wood protection.

Wood care and protection

Find the right care for your wood.