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Concealed screw connection

Lay wooden terraces without visible screws: with the systems from BioMaderas and early it is possible. Decking boards made of tropical wood can also be securely, permanently and concealed fastened in this way.

Wooden terraces with no visible screws

Visible or hidden - which is better?

Advantages Concealed screw connection
✓ Wooden terrace like outdoor parquet
✓ flawless surface without screws
✓ better constructive wood protection

Benefits of decking screws
✓ cheaper price
✓ less workload
✓ easier disassembly

system comparison
Screw the decking boards together
Concealed screw connection comparison

The different systems

There are several ways to attach decking boards without visible screws. For tropical wood decking boards, however, a fastener should always be used that is screwed from below. Lateral attachment is not suitable for very durable decking wood.

With the systems that we at Betterwood offer, clips or strips are screwed to the decking boards from below, which in turn are attached to the substructure. This solution offers a significantly better constructive wood protection than a concealed fastening with laterally grooved terrace boards.

Comparison of concealed screws

Instructions for concealed attachment

Thanks to our construction instructions with video and pictures, the construction of a concealed attachment is easy.

Building Instructions Clips
BioMaderas Clips stainless steel concealed screw connection

Other accessories

Bolting & tools

For fixing the decking boards.

Substructure & Ventilation

For improved constructive wood protection.

Wood care and protection

Find the right care for your wood.

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