Teak raised bed

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Teak raised bed from BioMaderas

The only raised bed made of teak on the market as a kit for self-assembly. The wood has a very long service life and withstands the constant moisture and weather influences that a raised bed is exposed to. The teak planks are sent with a slight excess length and should be cut to the required size. The substructure is supplied in the appropriate dimensions.

FSC raised bed teak

Dimensions end product

Width 125 - 246 cm (Please select)
depth 110cm
Height 45 - 85 cm (Please select)

material list

decking Teak floorboards 95mm wide
basic framework Finger-jointed Garapa construction wood
Screwing wood Stainless steel decking screws, 50mm length
angle connector 40 x 40 mm leg length
Screw angle 35mm length
Optional accessories Würth professional countersink, stainless steel bit Torx 25, front edge wax

Building instructions

Building instructions Download English PDF
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Building instructions for raised bed N°1

Teak raised bed II

material list

• 18 pieces of teak decking boards 95 mm wide, 110 cm long
• 36 pieces of teak decking boards 95 mm wide, 120 cm long
• 4 Garapa substructures 45 x 70 mm, 112,5 cm long
• 1 Garapa substructures 45 x 70 mm, 97,5 cm long
• 2 Garapa substructures 45 x 70 mm, 92,5 cm long
• 6 Garapa substructures 45 x 70 mm, 83 cm long
• 14 angle connectors 40 x 40 mm
• 220 decking screws 50 mm long
• 115 screws for angle connectors 35 mm long
• 10 spacers 5 mm

1. Screw the basic structure together

Screw the substructure wood together as shown. Use the angle connectors (40 x 40 mm) and the screws (35 mm length). We recommend pre-drilling the screw holes with an HSS drill (4 mm diameter). Which construction timber is used where can be found in the technical drawing in the PDF building instructions.

Building instructions raised bed basic frame

2. Cut planks

The decking boards are slightly oversized by a few millimeters. Lay the planks against the basic structure and measure the exact length of the planks you need. Please see the technical drawing in the plank length on which our planning is based PDF building instructions.

3. Screw the planks onto the basic framework

Begin by screwing the planks to the base frame at the side and at the top. Allow the base frame to protrude 5mm (use spacers) above the top edge of the first plank. Pre-drill the screw holes with a countersink (4,5 mm diameter). For the board lengths used, please refer to the technical drawing in the PDF building instructions.

Screw the raised bed floorboards together

4. Fasten all planks on the side

Fasten all planks to the side of the basic structure of the raised bed as described in step 2. Use the spacers (5mm) to keep a gap between the planks.

5. Cover the top with planks

After all planks have been screwed on at the side, screw the upper frame of the raised bed to the planks. Again, use countersinks and spacers.

Weight 115 kg
Size 246x110x84 cm
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