Cumaru offcuts and craft wood

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Offcuts from Cumaru floorboards and squared timbers BioMaderas

Cutting of planks and squared timber from Cumaru with a maximum side length of up to 40cm.

FSC offcuts of planks and squared timbers made from Cumaru BioMaderas


Length up to 40cm
Width mixed, 45mm to 120mm
Size mixed, 21mm to 45mm
Amount per KG at 90mm width about 0,6m
Amount per KG at 120mm width about 0,4m


Species Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata)
Origin Peru, FSC 100% certified
Quality Waste, partly B-Ware
Drying technically dried
Brand BioMaderas
Certificate FSC® 100%

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Cumaru waste and handicraft wood up to 40cm

Cumaru is one of the hardest and most durable woods in the world. The offcuts come from our Cumaru decking and substructures. The wood comes from sustainable forestry and is FSC® 100%-certified. It is ideal as craft wood for smaller craft projects such as figures or toys.

Cumaru scrap craft wood


✓ high-quality craft wood
✓ Resistance class 1 according to DIN standard
✓ one of the hardest woods worldwide
FSC® 100%-certified from sustainable forestry
✓ direct sales
✓ climate-neutral shipping

The origin

Our Cumaru offcuts come from our Cumaru decking and therefore come from sustainable forestry in Peru. In forests and production the high ones have to be used FSC® 100%-Standards are met. Visit the forest in Peru.

Origin Peru

Shipping costs

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5KG package, 15KG package, 20KG package

2 Reviews for Cumaru offcuts and craft wood

  1. Patrick Lenz -

    Definitely usable. All parts 15 cm to 20 cm long and of uniform thickness. My package reaches the 5 kg exactly including packaging material.

  2. cyclooctane (via eBay) -

    Went great. Gladly again. Goods were as in the description

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