Cumaru wood tiles
30 x 30 cm, FSC 100%


Cumaru wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages: ✓ best durability ✓ particularly robust and scratch-resistant

Disadvantages: ✗ partly rough surface

Tip:Sand tiles after initial exposure to weather.

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Cumaru wood tiles from BioMaderas

The Cumaru wood tiles come from FSC 100% certified Manufacturing in Peru. They are concealed and screwed onto a weatherproof plastic grille and can be easily connected using a plug-in system. The wood is particularly durable, robust and resistant, but can sometimes be a little rougher before sanding. The wooden tiles can be laid on any flat, solid surface where water drains easily.

FSC Cumaru wood tiles

Size: 30x30 inch
wood thickness 18 mm
assembly height 28 mm
Species Cumaru (Dypterix odorata)
Quality Premium quality from BioMaderas
Origin Peru, FSC 100% certified
plastic grid weatherproof and UV-resistant polypropylene
laying pattern Checkerboard or parallel
(Checkerboard provides better stability)
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wood pattern free order
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Cumaru wood tiles 30×30 cm

Cumaru is one of the hardest and most durable woods in the world. In combination with the weatherproof plastic grid and practical plug-in system, this creates a balcony or terrace floor with a high degree of natural durability and a long service life.


✓ laid quickly and easily
✓ Resistance class 1 according to DIN standard
✓ weatherproof plastic grille
FSC 100% certified from sustainable forestry
✓ free Planning with a complete offer
✓ free sample delivery

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Cumaru wood tiles, Heidesheim
Origin Peru

The origin

The wood for our coumaru tiles comes from the same Forest in the Peruvian region of Madre Dios, where the Cumaru for our decking comes from. The high social and ecological standards of the forest and sawmill are maintained FSC 100% adhered to and exemplary forest management is practiced.


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Cumaru wood tiles Spain
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Weight 1,5 kg
Size 30x30x2,8 cm
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Durability according to DIN 68800-1

Durability according to DIN EN 350-2

Iron-tannin reactions

bleed out

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30 x 30 cm, FSC 100%"

Data sheet for terrace tiles Cumaru
Data sheet (PDF)

Notes and application description for the Cumaru terrace tiles from BioMaderas as a two-page PDF download.

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Installation instructions in German (PDF)

Our installation instructions will help you build your wooden terrace. Please read these carefully before installing the floorboards.

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Our installation instructions will help you with the construction of your wooden decking. Please read them carefully before installing the boards.

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