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project in the Caribbean

Reforestation in the Colombian Caribbean, on the Don Diego River, was our first environmental project. In 2011 we started planting the trees with the local indigenous people.

The goal: securing the ecological reserve

We support the reforestation of former agricultural land near the Colombian Caribbean coast. In cooperation with the Tairona Indians living there, native tree species are planted and the original forest area is restored.

The place: Colombian Caribbean

The reforestation lies at the foot of the Caribbean Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain range in the world. There, large-scale banana plantations have created a monoculture in recent decades and increasingly displaced the original rainforest. The young seedlings and the care of the Tairona Indians are now recreating a diverse habitat for numerous animals and plants along the Don Diego River.

Our partner: Plant for the Planet

The UN initiative Plant for the Planet encourages people worldwide to plant trees and promote reforestation through personal commitment.