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project in the Andes

In 2013 we started working with the Colombian Fundacíon Natura. This was not about expansion but about securing an eco-reserve in the Colombian Andes.

The goal: securing the ecological reserve

Nature reserves must be protected themselves. We support the securing and expansion of a reserve in the Colombian Andes. Native plant species are cultivated in greenhouses and used for reforestation. Observation posts and guards protect against arson and poachers. The local population is provided with information campaigns and workshops the importance and benefits of the rainforest.

The place: Colombian Andes

The Colombian Andes northeast of the capital Bogotá are habitat for numerous rare animals and plants. The ecosystem in the plateau is particularly fragile. Its balance is protected in the eco-project.

Our partner: Fundacíon Natura

The Colombian Fundacion Natura has many years of experience in rainforest protection and in the ecological training of the local population.