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Aluminum substructure

An aluminum substructure is practically indestructible and distortion-free. However, because of the different behavior to wood, attention should be paid to a suitable fastening system for the decking boards and optimal ventilation.

Accessories for the substructure

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Constructive advantage

What is special about the aluminum substructure of BioMaderas is that the screws sit in two layers of aluminum. This is the prerequisite for using aluminum as a substructure for tropical wood decking boards. Unlike wood, aluminum practically does not weather and since the substructure is machine-made, it also impresses with its straightness when building a terrace. The profile meets the special requirements of tropical wood, so that the substructure is particularly well suited for tropical wood terraces. The aluminum rails are easy to cut and can be used with a plug-in system be extended at will.

Aluminum substructure terrace

systems solution

If wooden floorboards are installed on an aluminum substructure, the screws between the floorboard and substructure should have a shearing area: wood moves with temperature fluctuations, but aluminum remains rigid - if the screw has no leeway, it will otherwise break quickly. A distance profile, which is placed between the wooden floorboard and the aluminum construction, creates the necessary space. With a concealed screw connection with the BioMaderas-Clips – which are specially adapted to the aluminum substructure – no spacer profile needs to be used.

Advice on terrace construction

We would be happy to advise you on the use of aluminum as a substructure for wooden terraces. We would be happy to create one for you laying plan and an offer for your wooden terrace and calculate how many rows of substructure are required. Depending on the desired assembly height, you can choose between the flatter and higher aluminum substructure, or an assembly with pedestals Select. Visit our online consultation and find out how a substructure for a wooden terrace is laid. Or use in the personal advice the knowledge of our experts.

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